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Badian Spring Resort - Bohol Islands Philippines
Valencia, Bohol, Philippines

Bohol Islands Philippines
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Badian Spring Resort - Bohol Islands PhilippinesBadian Spring Resort - Bohol Islands PhilippinesBadian Spring Resort - Bohol Islands Philippines

The Badiang Spring is located along the coast of Valencia town, at barrio Anas, in the province of Bohol. This is one province of the Philippine archipelago that has developed into a tourist destination.

The Badian Spring Resort is relatively small and fenced in. At the top level and thru openings in between trees and dense foliage, one sees the blue sea beyond. Wide cement steps provided with metal handrails lead down a cliff towards two (2) swimming pools: one big and the other designed for children.

Badian Spring Resort is the only resort in Bohol where guests can enjoy both the cool spring water and the warm waters of the sea below. Warm sea water can be had a bit far off from the spring’s outlet to the sea. It is by far the cleanest public resort in the province and the most accessible.

Philippines Cuisine Characteristics

Vinegar is a common ingredient. Adobo is popular not solely for its simplicity and ease of preparation, but also for its ability to be stored for days without spoiling, and even improve in flavor with a day or two of storage.

Tinapa is a smoke-cured fish while tuyo, daing, and dangit are corned, sun-dried fish popular because they can last for weeks without spoiling, even without refrigeration.

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